Karolina Pilarczyk

Drift captured my heart in 2004 in a ¼ mile competition organized by Stowarzyszenie Sprintu Samochodowego. Maciej Polody cutting edge drift driver introduced drifting to Poland and to me at the same time.
A year later, I bought a BMW E36 328, I immediately modified it for drifting and participated in Poland’s first event, Drift Cup competition 2005, organized by the Automobile Club of Wielkopolska, “GT” and Toyo Tires.
In 2008, I receive my license from the Polish Drifting Federation. I was the first woman to receive the Drift license and build my own car with our trend setting LS engine.



Karolina “CK” Pilarczyk is called by the media, the “Queen of Polish Drift”, as well as “Polish Drift Gir”.
She is the only woman with a drift license in Poland. Karolina Pilarczyk “Queen of the Polish Drift” has licenses of the “King of Europe”, “King of Asia” and “Polish Drifting Federation” (PFD).

Competed many global drifting competition

Participated in many specialized motor sports:
   Polish championships 1/4 mile, SSS (cups)
   Polish Cup 1/4 mile, WST (cups)
   Amateur Rallies, Automobilklub Centrum (cups)
   Amateur Rallies, Automobilkub Rzemieślnik (cups)

The duo hailed as “Beauty and the Beast”, arouses great interest the audience and the media.
Karolina is the center of attraction at the shows she participates in.


Karolina Pilarczyk Drift