End of holiday in Sulejowek

Any plans for the weekend?
The whole team is going to the event End of holiday 2016 to Sulejowek.

Sports picnic end of holiday 2016
When: 27/08/2016 (Saturday). 11:00 – 15:00
Where: Tennis Courts “TopSpin” in Sulejówek
Address: I. J. Paderewski 29, Sulejówek (where is it?)

Zakończenie wakacji w Sulejówku


[UPDATE 08/27/2016 hours. 16:10]
Picnic with children in Sulejówek 🙂
Greetings to all from Andrrzej SUPRON. The joy of children is priceless ♥ 😃😃
The TV relationship will be in TVP Warsaw today at 20.45