Such things only in drifting!

The last October weekend and the Drift Open competition in Toruń was for Karolina Pilarczyk the time of unforeseen events and twists.

Although the weather did not spoil, over 90 competitors showed up on Saturday at the track in Toruń to take part in qualifying for the Sunday competition in which only 30 of them could have appeared. Among the participants there was our Drift Queen – Karolina Pilarczyk. Karolina rode in her Predator II, which unfortunately turned out to be quite capricious this time. The gearbox has already failed in trainings … but this did not prevent our drifterce from fighting for a place in qualifying. Driving without the second heat she scored qualifying rides and found herself in a good starting position in Sunday competitions. “It’s a real masterpiece, and Karolina has unbelievable talent, because not many competitors could handle such a damaged gearbox so well,” commented the event observers of the competition.

Sunday was also unlucky … another failure in the car put a question mark on Karolina’s start in the competition … and here the surprise … the main rival with whom Karolina was fighting on the track, Maciej Jarkiewicz, offering her drifting car, came with help his son Adam. “My opponent, with whom I have my first battle, suggested that I could use the second car in their team belonging to his son. Something amazing! This is a very beautiful situation, true fair play, because really because of the failure of my car, Maciek could automatically advance to Top16 and in the meantime he decided to take the challenge and not go easy. I am truly touched by this “- Karolina told us.

As it turns out, such mutual helping in drifting is quite common. “Drifting is a sport in which such situations happen, cars are often failing and emergency help is here on the agenda. We always come with a spare part and the necessary tools and if we can help and repair the failure in the cars of other competitors who ask for help, we do it. “- adds our Master. As you can see, good energy comes back and the player who has supported other people so far can also count on their help. It is a beautiful gesture and worthy of imitation in other sports.