She’s getting America

Queen of Europe, Double European Champion in drifting Karolina Pilarczyk has just achieved another spectacular success. As one of the few European competitors, among both women and men, she received the prestigious Formula Drift PRO 2 license. In this way she was qualified to the world’s top drifter and was given the opportunity to participate in the top drifting competitions in the United States. Karolina announced this information officially during a meeting with a huge crowd of fans during the Warsaw Motor Show in Nadarzyn. Fans rewarded her with thunderous applause and the queue for photos and autographs doubled twice :). The Drift formula is the most important series not only in the US but all over the world. It is watched by millions of viewers and attracts international media. The organizers of the American league plan to use the drifter as a motivating example for other women who want to practice this moto-sport discipline. Also other American organizations were immediately interested in our Drift Queen, seeing in it a potential showing the global upward trend in the strength of women. “It is the fulfillment of one of my dreams and the realization of another goal I once set for myself. For drifters, participation in the American drifting formula is like a start in the most prestigious world competition for which Formula One is considered to be, “Karolina told us. So it is safe to say that we have in the world class motorsport drivers not only Robert Kubica but also a wonderful woman, Karolina Pilarczyk! Hence, let’s keep our fingers crossed for next year’s starts of our Queen, both European and American. It will be a very intense year full of challenges, work and training. The nearest time is to meet with sponsors, establish sporting activities related to the promotion of brands cooperating with Karolina. But also the preparation of logistics for European and American starts as well as the construction of a new drift car, meeting the strict regulations of the American formula. Karolina’s professional approach to each of the tasks will certainly contribute to the popularization and growth of the Polish motosport on the international scene.

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