A beautiful end to the Queen of Europe season

Karolina Pilarczyk, the double European Champion in drift, is the undisputed Queen of Drift. And although this season, due to other projects could not take part in so many rounds of KOE Drift to keep the title, in the round ending the season in Austrian Greinbach, did not give chances to rivals. Our drift girl stood on the highest podium once again in her career. “Very little was missing, in the whole season I had exactly the same number of points as this year’s winner, only fewer starts, which decided about the title. I could not be in all competitions due to my monthly stay in the US, which unfortunately did not match the peak of the drifting season in Europe, “said Karolina. “Nevertheless, this season is also very successful. We managed to build a second, equally powerful car, which today showed what they can do, winning the cup with me. I have completed several new projects that I hope will positively surprise my fans from the beginning of next year and have proved that if you dream about something, there will always be a way to make that dream come true. I must also stress here the involvement and professionalism of my team with Mariusz Dziurleja at the forefront. Karolina Pilarczyk is a team, this year’s success is also the success of each of its members, “added our champion. Congratulations and we are waiting impatiently for the announced projects. The first of them, the sensational film “Diablo” with Karolina’s participation, is scheduled for January 2019.
Of course, although the KOE Drift season has ended, it does not mean that Karolina’s fans have to wait for a meeting with her until next year. Karolina has planned a series of meetings and events in the coming weeks, including even participation in the Drift Open competition in Toruń on October 27, 28, 2008. They will also be able to admire their idol and her car at the Warsaw Motor Show 2018 in November this year.