Karolina will play in the Polish action movie

This is a sensational news for all motoring enthusiasts and action movies – in Warsaw photos are being taken for Polish sensational production, in which, apart from beautiful women and handsome men, we will see great, fast cars. The film directed by Michał Otłowski is a story based on real events – illegal car races. There will be spectacular chases, fast cars, dangerous women and courageous guys. One of the roles will be played by the European Drifting Champion, a contestant known throughout the world, Karolina Pilarczyk. “This is my debut on the big screen. I have participated in various productions many times, but mainly they were commercials, music videos and promotional films. In “Diablo” I am a member of one of the groups taking part in illegal car races “- says Karolina Pilarczyk. Did the photos give the sport champion any problems? “Of course not. I was in my element. It’s a pleasure, because my character fits like less … I am mainly racing cars, so I was in my element “- adds Pilarczyk. Interestingly, the film will also feature Carolina’s characteristic pink car! In the film, we will see in the main roles Tomasz Włosok, Cezary Pazura and Agnieszka Włodarczyk, as well as Mikołaj Roznerski, Aleks Komorowski, Cezary Żak or Karolina Szymczak and Joanna Opozdę.