Karolina Pilarczyk in Abu Dhabi tested the best cars in the world

Karolina Pilarczyk, Queen of European Drifting and one of the best players in the world recently returned from Abu Dhabi in the Arab Emirates, where she had the opportunity to test the most modern cars in the world. Karolina went to the capital of the Arab Emirates, as a guest of the program at the invitation of the German company PP Performance, which tunes sports cars, and the television automotive program GRIP (RTL2). Matthias Malmedie also participated in the program. “In Abu Dhabi I had the opportunity to drive, or even drift, very expensive and tuned sports cars such as Ferrari LaFerrari (about 6 million zlotys) Porsche GT3RS (about 1 million zlotys) or Mercedes C63 with an SLS engine (Mercedes cost SLS is also about PLN 1 million). There are places where the sound of real engines loves. In Abu Dhabi, they love to tune sports units like the BMW M power or Mercedes AMG, “says the sports star. Although the week’s stay at Abdu Dhabi was under the slogan of cars, Karolina also found time to relax. “The plan was quite tight, but we had some time for ourselves. We used this moment for fitness training. We also managed a bit of sunbathing and visit the Louvre museum, which is very interesting not only because of the objects to look at, but also the history of its creation “- says European Drifting Champion.