Diablo. The race for everything

One day a helmet and the smell of burning rubber, a second high heels, a sexy dress and the smell of the best perfumes – these are the typical activities of Karolina Pilarczyk. The first set, as is known, is associated with her profession as a motodriver and being the Queen of European Drift, the second set is reserved for important media events. This time, the reason for the put on the high heels was the long-awaited premiere of the movie “Diablo. The race for everything” in which appears our drif girl and her characteristic pink Chevrolet Camaro.
During a ceremonial premiere, on the red carpet at Warsaw’s Multikino, Karolina delighted and attracted everyone’s attention. As she admits, at such important events she uses the help of only trusted specialists. Her image was taken care of by the hairdresser Piotr Mazurkiewicz, the makeup was made by a talented make-up artist Kasia Sobieraj and the creation was designed by the finalist of the Project Runnaway program – Annomalia.
“I love to feel feminine. I love what I do and I love that one day I smell of burnt gum and another wonderful perfume “- laughs Karolina Pilarczyk. “In terms of my appearance, I turn myself over to specialists. I assume that everyone should do what he feels vocation for, I can drift, not paint. Here I definitely prefer to use the help of my trusted team, who thank you very much for your readiness and professionalism “.
“Diablo. The race for everything “is the first production in Poland showing the world of illegal car racing. The film will include fast driving, adrenaline, sensationalism as well as romantic and moving moments. “This is definitely a movie directed to young people, but older spectators will also enjoy it. I cordially invite you to the cinemas, “adds Karolina. The film can be seen in cinemas from 18 January.

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