Ambassador of the

Karolina Pilarczyk has become the Ambassador of the automotive portal.

KEK_2629-moto is the portal of Agora S.A. which describes the news from the world of moto world. They are present at important car events, they conduct interviews with authorities in the field of motorization. They also test their family, sports and luxury cars, prompting readers to pay attention to. Recently, Tomasz Korniejew, has been the the new Editor in Chief portal . As he admits, he would like the portal under his wings to continue to gain new readers, hence the idea to be the first Ambassador of the automotive portal … a woman.

And if a woman and if cars – it’s just Karolina Pilarczyk!

Karolina gladly took up the challenge. As she admits, she does not intend to be just a “face” but also actively participate in creating new content. “I am glad that the automotive portal’a first Ambassador is a woman. As you know, women ride as well as men and the times when they chose the car guided only by its color have gone forever. Women are aware of the advantages of the car they drive, the power of his engine, the amount of combustion, etc. I, besides showing the world of motoring, intend to love the readers of the portal in drifting, a motorbike that has stolen my heart many years ago, “said Karolina. “At you will find my drifting history but also advice for those who would like to start writing their own. I will explain how to start, what car is worth investing in. I will also show a wonderful atmosphere and adrenaline accompanying drifting competitions. I promise that it will happen, “adds Karolina with a laugh.
Knowing Karolina and her enthusiasm for the things she takes up, you can certainly count on interesting and unobvious automotive materials. We invite you to
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